Increase Your Retail Store Sales Using Advertising Banner Displays

Advertising banner displays are the best options for increasing sales in retail stores. Banners not only help you advertise your products and promotions, they also provide information and directions to customers so that they can quickly find what they need.

You can use them to advertise a sale, a discount offer or promote new sections in your store. It is generally accepted that indoor and outdoor advertising using banners, increases the number of visitors to a store by as much as 30%.

Advantages Of Using Advertising Banner Displays In Your Retail Store

1: They are the cheapest and one of the most effective ways of advertising.
2: They impart an organised and professional look to your store.
3: Good quality banners are very durable and cost effective. You can use them for a number of years.
4: They fold up into a compact and easy to store package when they are not needed.
5: Though they are portable, they are sturdy enough to handle traffic at a retail store. They will not topple, fade or tear, but your staff can easily move them around.

A Retail Outlet Can Use A Large Number Of Banners

Depending on the size of your retail store, you will require multiple display stands which can be about 20 for a mid-size store. Multiply this by the number of banners that you will need for various occasions and promotions. The number can easily go up to 50 or 100 depending upon the size of your outlet and the amount of promotion you intend to do.

If your store needs a sizable number of banners, try to place the orders in one go. This will help you get consistent quality and you can negotiate a much better price than if you buy banners one at a time.

Therefore, it is better to make an estimate of the number of banners that you need and place the order with your supplier accordingly. Knowing the ways in which banner displays can be used and planning in advance will help you make a good estimate of your requirements. Here are some possibilities:

Retail Banner Applications

Flex Display Sizes

1: Sales, discounts and promotions:

All retailers and most customers know that a sale or promotion is the best way to make people walk into a store or take a look at what is being offered. It is, therefore, common to see repeated sales and discount offers. A colourful banner display is the best way to advertise a sale. You will need one for each occasion that you wish to capitalize on. Here are some examples:

• Back to school offers.
• Holiday sales.
• Percentage off sale.
• Stock clearance sales.
• Seasonal sales (Summer Sale, Winter Sale, etc.)
• Festival sales (A different one for each festival).

2: Announcements: Opening, renovating and moving:

Banner advertising can start much before your store actually opens. Nothing beats a banner like ‘Grand Opening’, ‘Coming Soon’, etc. to arouse curiosity and expectation. If you give the date of the opening and announce an opening promotion, you can rest assured that you will be kept busy by customers right from the day you open. You can also use the same strategy for announcing a new branch or if you are moving to a new location. Here are a few ideas for announcements:

• Grand opening.
• Coming soon.
• Now open.
• Moving.
• New branch opening at [place].

3: Purchase and finance options:

Harley Davidson

You can use indoor banners to communicate the availability of finance or easy purchase options within the store if you are selling high-value products. Many customers are hesitant to ask for finance options. Some others decide to buy only because these options are available. Either way, you are helping yourself get more customers and improve sales. Here are some examples:

• Easy finance available.
• Pay in easy instalments using your credit card without additional costs.

4: PR banners – Communicating goodwill:

Retail stores are aimed at specific locations or communities. One way of connecting with people in a community is to communicate goodwill. For example, a fund-raising, a charity event, welcoming heroes, etc. Communicating goodwill backed by genuine action coveys to them that your store is a part of the community and it cares for it. This is usually acknowledged by customers and results in increased acceptance, trust and support for your business. Here are some examples:

• Welcoming back a local team or hero.
• Congratulating a local person or group for an achievement.
• Your support for a cause.
• Offering a small percentage of sales to a charity or relief fund.

We have discussed some of the common applications and occasions to use banners in a retail setting, but you can think of many more ideas. For a retail store, advertising banner displays are one of the most effective and cheapest ways to increase sales.

Make good use of banners to advertise, communicate and maintain a bond with your customers and community. Consider buying banners in bulk to get consistent quality and better pricing. Flex-display can mass produce hundreds of banners without compromising quality.

Learn more about FLEX display display banners and what we can offer your business or contact us via the form below now, we’re here to help.

Why Buying Cheap Banner Stands Will Cost You More

Download Why Buying Cheap Banner Stands Will Cost You More
Environmentally Friendly

Whenever we think of outdoor or indoor advertising the first thing that comes to the mind is a banner display. Banner displays are very popular thanks to their ability to get their message across to a wide audience.

They are relatively cheap, come in many sizes, are portable and can be easily installed and transported. But what about their impact on the environment? Is there anything that we can do to make sure that these banners don’t end up harming the earth?

Many Banner Displays Are Not Environment Friendly

Many banner displays available in the market, especially the cheaper variety are not designed to be used more than once. These banners are usually made from poor quality materials and are fragile. The equipment tends to break and the fabric tears off in a few uses.

Due to the poor quality printing, the display is neither as attractive as a superior quality product nor is it long lasting. Buying use and throw banner displays is a bad idea if you intend to reuse the display. You will end up spending more in the long run and it is not an environment friendly option either.

High Quality Display Equipment Can Be Reused

Reusable Banner Display

Superior quality display equipment like FLEX-display can be used many times. Everything from the design of the display and the materials used to the fabric and printing is of high quality. The result is a beautiful high resolution display that you can fold and put away and use multiple times without any risk of breaking, fading or tearing.

Unlike low quality banner displays, you can change the fabric of good displays which allows you to use the same stand again which results in substantial savings. Replacing the graphics of FLEX-display is very simple.

With many display stands available in the market the only way you can change the graphic is to send the hardware to the company that supplies the new banner. For roller banners it is not possible to change the graphic yourself and for pop up banners it is almost impossible to perfectly align the new banner to the stand. Changing roller banners often results in the old banner tearing and becoming unusable.

With FLEX-display you can forget about returning the hardware to the company or discarding your old banner. You get the new graphic with rails attached to the top and bottom and you can easily replace the old graphic without damaging it. This allows you to reuse the old graphic should the need arise and it also allows you to have just one stand for a variety of graphics if you are not going to use them at the same time.

Save The Environment – Reduce, Reuse And Recycle

Portable Banner Display

Most banners are made from synthetic materials which are not biodegradable. Discarded PVC banners eventually end up in landfills which contributes to the accumulation of toxic garbage in the environment. There are three ways in which you can help save the environment.

1-Reuse: Reuse your banner stands. If you buy high quality banner stands like FLEX-display, you will be able to reuse the stands many times.

2-Reduce: Reduce waste by buying long lasting banners. Superior quality FLEX-display products will last a long time thus reducing your need for buying new banners and stands.

3-Recycle: Cheap banner stands are made from PVC which in most cases cannot be recycled. Superior fabric made of polyester can be recycled. FLEX-display graphics are printed on polyester based fabrics.

Banner displays are very useful and popular, but it is best to keep the environment in mind when you select the type of banner display to buy. Use and throw items by their very nature are not designed to last long. They are environment unfriendly and contribute to accumulation of non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

You can play your part in saving the environment by using banner displays responsibly. Good banner displays like FLEX-display are designed to last long, can be reused and are made from recyclable materials. By preferring them over cheap products, you get the benefits of high quality, save money in the long run and you will also be doing your bit towards protecting the environment.

Types Of Display Stands In The UK

UK Display Stands
Download Types Of Display Stands In The UK

Display stands can be broadly classified as indoor or outdoor depending upon their intended use. Outdoor stands need protection from elements while indoor stands need to be light, portable and easily installable. Display stands in UK come in a variety of shapes and sizes to cater to different types of applications.


Indoor banner displays can stand on the floor, be wall mounted or hang from the ceiling. Display stands are usually used in floor standing banners. The major components of this type of display system are bases, poles, fabric, connectors and clips. The bases take the entire weight of the display and give it stability. The poles support the fabric and keep it stretched.

Different types of stands are available depending upon the combination of bases and poles that they use. The most popular indoor display stands in the UK are cross-base, twin-base and flex-frame.


These compact stands are best for lightweight narrow banner displays. They have a single ‘X’ shaped type aluminium base which can be folded with a scissor action. Being lightweight, about 2 kgs, they are very portable. They are also very easy to assemble and can be put together in minutes. Excellent for point of sales displays and also for sales or information desks at presentations and events.


These have a twin-base with two poles which stand on either side of the banner making them suitable for wider banners which will not be stable with a single base and pole. They are light, weighing around 4 kgs and are perfect for creating an impact with larger banners. If you have a few of these, you can create a very impressive display area in a few minutes.

Lightweight & Portable


These stands are suitable for banners of different sizes due to the telescopic poles which they use. They have two bases which make the banner stand in between the poles. The poles do not obstruct any part of the banner, so they can also be used for double sided banners.

The banners for these types of stands have a cylindrical plastic component on top and bottom which fix to the poles on top and slide into a channel on the base, giving the whole banner a framed appearance. The telescopic poles which can be pulled out and locked into place at any position, allow for flexibility in the height of the banner which can be anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 meters.


Outdoor stands have to be sturdier compared to their indoor counterparts to prevent them from getting toppled due to winds or being damaged by other elements. Depending upon the application that they are aimed at, these stands have different wind withstanding capabilities. The banners are usually made of silks, heavy-duty PVC or other waterproof materials. Here are a few popular outdoor display stands in the UK.

Demo Counter

Demo Counters Or Promotional Stands

These are portable stands that can be used for applications such as demonstration, sampling or promotion of products at outdoor exhibitions or fairs. They are lightweight and can be packed flat for portability, but are versatile enough to be used as permanent display stands. They come in a range of colours, sizes and styles to suit different applications.

Tamper-Proof Outdoor Display Cases

These stands have high quality glass on both sides of the banner or display material to make them safe, tamper-proof and to protect them from rain or water splashes.

Information Cases

These illuminated glass cases are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used to display a large menu outside a restaurant or in the dining hall. They are also suitable for announcements or other information at functions and events. They are available in different sizes in both portrait and landscape orientation.

We have covered the most popular types of display stands used in the UK. There are many more variations of these basic models, some of which are designed for very specific purposes. These are also available with custom graphics. Whatever your application or banner size, you will find a display stand in the UK that perfectly fits your requirement.

8 Ways To Put Display Banners To Good Use

Display Banners
Download 8 Ways To Put Display Banners To Good Use

How many times has an attractive display banner made you pause and step into a store to take a closer look at whatever was on offer? Few things can come close to well designed display banners in effectiveness when it comes to grabbing attention from people passing by. They have a variety of applications ranging from giving information or direction to increasing sales. Here are eight ways in which display banners can be put to very good use.

1: Grab Attention From A Distance

Large outdoor banners with big graphics and messages are just the things you need to attract attention of prospects and direct them to your store or event. With a clever display banner positioned strategically, you will boost your store or event traffic. These banners are excellent for announcements, for example, the arrival of a new product such as a new model at a car dealership, a sale at a store or the opening of a new outlet.

2: Give Directions

Banner displays are great for helping visitors or customers find your event venue, stall or store in large buildings. Placing banners at the right places, such as in front of lifts and in corridors will save you the cost of keeping dedicated people at these places to make sure visitors don’t go the wrong way.

3: Just Outside Your Store

Want to persuade people walking by to visit your store? Just arouse their curiosity about a product or make an offer that is hard to pass up by using attractive banners placed near the entrance of your outlet. Good use of high quality pictures or graphics and bright cheerful colours along with a call to action are the key elements here.

4: Drawing Attention To New Products And Services

Banner displays are perfect for informing visitors about a new product, product range or a new section of your store. Being right at eye level, banner displays will catch the eye right when the visitor walks into the store if properly placed.

5: In Store Advertising

In store advertising is next best to salesmen when it comes to converting casual visitors to customers because they encourage impulse buying. Banners can be used to highlight product benefits or advertise special offers.

Hanging Banner

6: At the Check Out

Cheap products which are usually bought impulsively are best sold near the cash register or near the checkout queue as customers have nothing much to do while waiting. If you have a banner next to a stand with the products near checkout, some shoppers will add it to their cart. Banner stands with place to hold brochures or leaflets will be very effective because most people will pick up a leaflet while they are waiting for their turn if the product or service interests them. This is an excellent way to advertise services such as insurance or holiday packages.

7: Increase Visitors At Trade Shows

A trade show or exhibition is a place where many stalls compete for the attention of visitors. Banner displays placed near your stall or at strategic places within the building are essential to inform people about your stall and encourage them to pay a visit.

8: At A Seminar Or Presentation

Display banners are excellent for highlighting important aspects of your presentation when placed next to the podium. They also make good backdrops to your speech when placed on the podium. Banners can be packed easily and carried to places where you are going to give the speech. You can also place them near the door at the venue to attract people or to direct attention to a sales or enquiry desk. It gives a polished and professional look to your presentation or seminar.

Display banners are highly effective advertising and attention grabbing tools when used wisely. The relevance and quality of the content, the presentation and placement can make all the difference. If you use them properly, they can a provide a major boost to your chances of getting your message across.