Protection Tubes

The FLEX-display system is a lightweight, largely aluminium, display stand. In every case, injection moulded plastic clips are used to attach the graphic to the rest of the FLEX-display hardware.

These clips can be protected in transit by using one of our clip protection tubes. These are robust, plastic, tubular containers, capped at each end. The tubes keep the clips safe and together. As they are see-through, you can easily see if all components are present.

They come in 2 sizes 16cm x 6cm (diameter) and 27cm x 7cm (diameter). Where the fabric graphic might optionally be displayed as a hanging graphic, from the wall of a shell scheme, there is room in the tube for 2 ceiling hanging clips and 2 ā€œSā€ hooks. So all hooks and clips are in one convenient place within the FLEX-display carry bag.