Base Types

Cross Base

Our smallest folding base and it is suitable for displays up to 80cms wide.

This base is small and lightweight and easy to assemble with its simple scissor action.

See banner stands section for examples.

Twin Base, Twin Base XL and Twin Base Mega

Uses the same angled feet as the Crossbase but has a solid aluminium bar dividing them. The base folds away and is easily carried.

The twinbase is suitable for displays up to 120cm wide whilst the twin XL can be used up to 150cm and the Mega up to 2m. The only difference between these bases is the distance between the feet.

See Banner stands section for examples.

Square Base Plate

This is a solid piece of satin anodised aluminium 33cm x 33cm.

The central tap can be used to connect with any of the FLEX-display poles. It is slightly less portable than the Crossbase but only because it requires a separate carry case. However, up to 5 of these bases can fit into a single square plate carry case.

Twin Base & Twin Base XL plates

These are solid pieces of satin anodised aluminium 65cm x 33cm (twinbase plate) and 98cm x 33cm (twinbase plate XL).

Up to 3 of these bases can fit into a single twin plate carry case, maximum of 2 for twinbase plate XL.

See also : FLEX travel rangeLite Base

Cross Base


Twin Base


Square Base


Twin Base Plate