Wide Screen Joint

This connector really boosts the system flexibility.It is used for displays wider than 200cm and fits between two rails holding the graphics.It bends in the middle which means that wide ‘one piece’ graphics can simply be folded in half to make them more portable.

This flexibility also allows wide display to be used at an angle or straight.

Flexible Display Connector

Joins displays at the top and bottom and has a flexible centre allowing the user to dictate the angle of the displays and connect multiple units together.

Display Connector Clip

We use this clip to span two displays to either connect them or to stabilise a widescreen joint when it is used for straight displays.

As it is eyeleted, it may also be used for ceiling mounted banners.

When a pole fitting is attached, it becomes a FLEX-clip top XL.

Widescreen Joint

Banner Widescreen Joint

Display Connector

Banner Display Connector

Display Connector Clip

Banner Display Connector Kit

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