Choosing Custom Banners For Your Display Needs

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Banners can be used by any business to make an impressive statement. They come in standard shapes, sizes and designs. However, it is important to have custom banners and display hardware that distinguishes your business from the crowd and also gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of usage.

Let us take a closer look at custom banners and what possibilities they offer for putting together a great display.

The Importance Of Customisation In Display Hardware

Cylindrical Banner

Custom displays are not just about inserting your logo or text into a banner. This is something that most banner companies offer. The problem with this text and logo plug in solution is that your displays may look very similar to that of many other companies.

Good banner printing companies give you a lot of flexibility and options when it comes to your display hardware and graphics.

Graphics – Design

Make sure that you select a banner company that allows you to design your graphic or artwork yourself in addition to using standard designs. This allows you to have your own unique themes or have a special theme that suits a specific purpose or event. For example, you can have the same message printed on different background pictures or designs for different events.

For banners which contain a message, the way the text is printed can make a lot of difference to the effectiveness of the message. Banners are not something that the audience will look at for a long time. So catching the attention of the audience and encouraging them to read it is an important part of the communication process.

This is especially true in large events where a lot of banners compete for the attention of the visitors. Being catchy and memorable is the key.


Good quality printing is essential for most banners. Make sure that your banner printing company is able to print the banner in great detail and true colour irrespective of size. However, not all banners need the best printing quality.

If quality is not an issue and especially for large volume printing, you can save time and money if you opt for screen printing. Your banner company should give you the option to choose from different types of finishes and quality of printing.


The maximum width that a seamless banner can have is constrained by the maximum width that the banner company can print. This need not be a huge limitation. Good banner companies will be able to produce much wider displays by printing the graphics in smaller panels and sewing them together.

The seams can be made near invisible and are not a problem because such large banners are usually meant to be viewed from longer distances. How well it is done depends on the skill of the banner printing company.


You may be able to make do with the standard display stand sizes for most purposes. You can also get display hardware that can be configured in several different ways. But what do you do when you need something that is non-standard?

A good supplier will be able to make changes to the standard displays to meet your special requirements without compromising on quality, strength, durability or portability.

Cleverly placed joints allow the best display stands to be configured in different ways to meet the size requirements at an event or for a particular application. To some extent these joints can be customised or the components can be reasonably modified.

There are a lot of possibilities and your banner company will be able to help you with the right solution. This type of customisation gives you a lot of flexibility and adds value to your investment.

Custom banners help grab attention, distinguish yourself from other participants at an event and also give a unique theme to your display. Banner companies differ in the amount of customization that they can handle.

You must look at the above aspects when selecting your banner printing company. Not only will customisation give your displays a distinctive look, it will also allow you to make optimum utilization of your display hardware.

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6 Things That You Must Look For In Your Banner Printing Company

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The use of banner displays has become commonplace these days. While their use at exhibitions, trade shows and other events is well known, it is not unusual to find them in stores, showrooms, restaurants and even on street sides. In all probability you are already using such displays or planning to invest in display banners for your business as well. The key thing is to choose a good banner printing company.

There are many companies out there making banners and they all seem to offer very similar products. This makes the choice of a banner company quite difficult. However, it is important to understand that not all companies are equal and there are big differences in the quality of their products and services.

Although the first displays that you buy may be for a specific requirement, you will soon find it difficult to do without them. If you select the right banner company from the start, you will save a lot of money and trouble as you invest in more display hardware. Here are the six most important things to keep in mind when you select your banner printing company:

1: Product Quality

Flex Display Twinbase Assembly

Quality can make all the difference. A good quality display will impress your audience with its neat appearance and stunning, colourful graphics. It will also be lightweight, portable, reusable and durable, giving you many years of trouble-free use.

A good banner company will give great importance to quality. Everything about their products will be carefully designed with great attention to detail and will be good value for money. You will not end up with graphics with grainy printing that fades and fabric that wrinkles or tears off easily. The stands will be lightweight and easy to assemble, dismantle and transport.

2: Variety And Technology

Types of Banner Stand

Display banners come in many shapes and sizes for different applications. Even if at first your requirement is only for a certain type of banner, make sure that you choose a company that offers many different type of products and uses the latest technology. You will find your requirements growing in future and things will be a lot easier if you have to deal with only one company.

Banner companies that have a diversified product range are likely to keep expanding that range which will give you even more options in the future. You will also be able to upgrade your display hardware to the latest technology if you choose, thus giving you even more value.

3: Customer Service

No product is really useful unless it is backed by high quality customer service. Producing display banners is a process that requires a lot of interaction between the customer and the vendor right from understanding the requirements, finalising the designs to the actual printing. You don’t want to be stuck with a company that does not communicate properly, does not pay attention to your requirements and does not commit to or stick to deadlines. It is important to choose the right company to avoid unnecessary delays, rework, returns and frustration.

4: Experience

Connected Displays

With all other things being equal, established companies who have a large number of clients and experience in the field usually make better products and provide better services. They have systems, checks and good quality control standards in place. Their expert staff are able to consistently deliver the best quality.

Companies having a large client base and experience have better understanding of the needs of different businesses and different applications. They will be able to better advise you on the type of display hardware that you should buy and will be able to suggest new ideas and solutions for your display requirements.

5: Environment Friendliness

It is important that we all take care of our environment and keeping environment concerns in mind speaks a lot about any company including your company and your banner company.

Environmentally Friendly

Check what kind of materials are used and whether adequate care is being taken to minimise the impact on the environment. Select companies which make reusable and recyclable products rather than companies which make banners designed to be used once and then disposed of.

6: Pricing

Price is an important factor for any purchase and the same applies in case of display banners. However, as with all other products, buying the cheapest display banner will most likely prove expensive in the long run. Before you compare companies on pricing, make sure that their products are truly comparable taking into consideration the other five aspects discussed before.

When you choose a banner printing company, you have plenty of options. It is best to choose a company which makes quality products that give long years of trouble free usage. Making a wise choice is important as it will save you a lot of trouble and money in the long run.

Learn more about the FLEX display banner system and what we can offer your business here or contact us via the form below now, we’re here to help.

Why Buying Cheap Banner Stands Will Cost You More

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Environmentally Friendly

Whenever we think of outdoor or indoor advertising the first thing that comes to the mind is a banner display. Banner displays are very popular thanks to their ability to get their message across to a wide audience.

They are relatively cheap, come in many sizes, are portable and can be easily installed and transported. But what about their impact on the environment? Is there anything that we can do to make sure that these banners don’t end up harming the earth?

Many Banner Displays Are Not Environment Friendly

Many banner displays available in the market, especially the cheaper variety are not designed to be used more than once. These banners are usually made from poor quality materials and are fragile. The equipment tends to break and the fabric tears off in a few uses.

Due to the poor quality printing, the display is neither as attractive as a superior quality product nor is it long lasting. Buying use and throw banner displays is a bad idea if you intend to reuse the display. You will end up spending more in the long run and it is not an environment friendly option either.

High Quality Display Equipment Can Be Reused

Reusable Banner Display

Superior quality display equipment like FLEX-display can be used many times. Everything from the design of the display and the materials used to the fabric and printing is of high quality. The result is a beautiful high resolution display that you can fold and put away and use multiple times without any risk of breaking, fading or tearing.

Unlike low quality banner displays, you can change the fabric of good displays which allows you to use the same stand again which results in substantial savings. Replacing the graphics of FLEX-display is very simple.

With many display stands available in the market the only way you can change the graphic is to send the hardware to the company that supplies the new banner. For roller banners it is not possible to change the graphic yourself and for pop up banners it is almost impossible to perfectly align the new banner to the stand. Changing roller banners often results in the old banner tearing and becoming unusable.

With FLEX-display you can forget about returning the hardware to the company or discarding your old banner. You get the new graphic with rails attached to the top and bottom and you can easily replace the old graphic without damaging it. This allows you to reuse the old graphic should the need arise and it also allows you to have just one stand for a variety of graphics if you are not going to use them at the same time.

Save The Environment – Reduce, Reuse And Recycle

Portable Banner Display

Most banners are made from synthetic materials which are not biodegradable. Discarded PVC banners eventually end up in landfills which contributes to the accumulation of toxic garbage in the environment. There are three ways in which you can help save the environment.

1-Reuse: Reuse your banner stands. If you buy high quality banner stands like FLEX-display, you will be able to reuse the stands many times.

2-Reduce: Reduce waste by buying long lasting banners. Superior quality FLEX-display products will last a long time thus reducing your need for buying new banners and stands.

3-Recycle: Cheap banner stands are made from PVC which in most cases cannot be recycled. Superior fabric made of polyester can be recycled. FLEX-display graphics are printed on polyester based fabrics.

Banner displays are very useful and popular, but it is best to keep the environment in mind when you select the type of banner display to buy. Use and throw items by their very nature are not designed to last long. They are environment unfriendly and contribute to accumulation of non-biodegradable waste in the environment.

You can play your part in saving the environment by using banner displays responsibly. Good banner displays like FLEX-display are designed to last long, can be reused and are made from recyclable materials. By preferring them over cheap products, you get the benefits of high quality, save money in the long run and you will also be doing your bit towards protecting the environment.