Pop Up Exhibition Stands – A Must Have At Events And Trade Shows

Colourful and attractive displays are essential during exhibitions and trade shows to capture the attention of visitors. Pop up exhibition stands are the best options for both indoor as well as outdoor events. They are lightweight, sturdy, easy to set up, reusable and cost-effective. They come in many shapes and sizes and are suitable for a variety of applications. These advantages make them must-haves for a successful presence at events.

The Construction Of A Pop Up Stand

The heart of a pop up stand is a lightweight frame that can be folded and expands when deployed to create the skeleton of the display. This is used to hold the graphics or fabric panels in place. Depending upon the type of stand, the fabric may already be attached to the frame or else you have to fix the panels to the frame. The result is a seamless display that can be set up in minutes.

After use, dismantling and packing is also very easy and thus you have a display that can be packed or deployed quickly, can be transported easily and reused as often as you want. Let us take a look at each of these advantages in some more detail.

Flexibility – Pop Up Stands Are Suitable For A Wide Variety Of Applications

One major strong point of pop up exhibition stands is their flexibility. With a little creativity, you can use them in a variety of ways depending upon the size and shape of the space you have and the type of booth you want to set up. You don’t have to live with the same boring booth at every exhibition. Depending upon the type of stand you have, it is often possible to change the graphics and use the same stands for entirely different products or event themes. Some stands also allow you to upgrade them by installing optional add ons.

Portability – No Worries About Packing Or Transportation

These stands can be easily assembled and disassembled with no technical equipment or special knowledge. After use, they fold up and neatly go into their strong carry cases, and you are on your way to the next event or back to your office. Most stands weigh only a few kilograms when packed and you can easily transport them from one place to another.

Durability And Re-usability – Save Costs In The Long Run

As long as you buy good quality hardware, you can rest assured that in the long run, you are going to save a lot of expenditure. In fact, over time, these stands pay back your initial investments in terms of cost savings compared to bulky inflexible hardware or cheap non-durable stands.

Good quality pop up exhibition stands are very durable. The frame is made of lightweight material, but does not compromise on strength. They are tough and can take the stress of rough handling and repeated use. The graphics are of high quality and do not fade or tear easily. You can update the artwork in most of these stands rather than buy a fresh stand each time you have a change in requirements.

The previously mentioned advantages also translate into cost savings. There is no need to pay someone for assembling and dismantling your booth and no need to incur huge transportation costs.

Many Applications And Options To Choose From

These stands come in many designs, sizes and shapes and for most applications, you will find one that fits your needs perfectly. Here are some popular options:

1: A-frame pop up banners – These are double-sided displays which sit on either side of a frame that is shaped like the letter ‘A’. They are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

2: Snap counter displays – This is possibly the best solution for a quick counter or work area for giving a demo, collecting visiting cards or information and handing out leaflets or other freebies.


3: Square or rectangular displays – These displays come in a variety of sizes and configurations. These displays have many square or rectangular areas where you can attach a graphic. You can also fit an additional shelf to some of these stands to showcase products or samples. Similar displays are also available in other shapes and combinations.

4: Printed tents – These are excellent for outdoor events and provide protection from the elements. The entire tent can be easily deployed and folded up. The shelter is provided by the fabric containing the graphics, which gives you a cute tent that displays your message in all directions.


5: Pop up promotional shops – If you are looking for a small booth from which you can handout freebies or samples, sell products to impulse buyers or handout leaflets this is the product for you. They are a smaller version of the printed tents and attract attention by displaying your graphics in all directions.

Make your exhibitions attractive and delight your visitors with pop up exhibition stands. If you choose wisely and invest in high quality, reusable and durable hardware like FLEX-display, it will work out more cost-effective in the long run. You will also make your exhibition booths a joy for yourselves and your visitors.