Can I use graphics which vary in height with FLEX-Display™?

Yes. The graphics can be affixed anywhere on the vertical pole and so any height up to the height of the pole may be used. If a telescopic pole is used, even greater height options are available.

If I use a free-standing Display for an exhibition, can the banner be wall mounted afterwards in my reception area?

Yes. Simply by changing the clips from ‘graphic to pole’ to ‘graphic to wall’ type.

If I buy a single sided Display, can I make it double sided at a later time?

Yes. Components to make the system double sided are add-ons to a single sided Display and they may be added at any time.

I want to be able to change the graphics regularly – is this easy?

Yes. Graphics are applied in one of three ways

  • Hook & Loop
  • Snaplock bar
  • re-useable tape.

In each case the system is designed for quick and easy graphic changeover.

Can I use FLEX-Display™ outdoors?

In most circumstances no, we would not recommend this.

How long does it take to assemble a FLEX-Display™ banner?

Typically 1 to 3 minutes for most stand sizes.

I want to join three twinbase XLs to make a 4.5m wide Display. For one exhibition I want to use them straight whilst next time I want to angle them, is this possible?

Yes. It simply means you need to have two different types of Display connector.

Can FLEX-Display™ support graphics other than fabric?

Yes. Although we recommend fabric graphics because they are lightweight, easily carried and more difficult to damage (than PVC for example), our customers have successfully used media from paper through to plastics.

I have seen pop-up Displays and they seem good, why is FLEX-Display™ a better option?

FLEX-Display™ is able to offer much greater flexibility than a pop-up Display whilst still being a fraction of the weight. Another significant advantage is that the graphics may be applied in one piece rather than in small ‘wallpaper like’ sections. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that the graphics remain perfect after many uses whereas pop-up graphics have a tendency to get damaged easily or become demagnetised unless treated with extreme care. You can get a greater Display area at lower cost too.

I want a very specific width and height stand which is non-standard – can it be done?

Yes. As long as the width and height do not exceed the maximum / minimum recommended for each stand type – we can make it specially for you with no additional charges.

What are the maximum widths / heights for each single system?

Cross base; 40-80cm width, 68cm – 3m height.

Twinbase; 60-120cm width, 68cm – 3m height.

XL; 100 – 150cm width, 68cm – 3m height.

FLAG-extender – graphic size fixed at 60cm (w) x 100cm (h).

Is there a maximum number of units I can join together?

No, you can just keep on adding to make the Display as wide as you need. FLEX-Display™ is often used to create large backdrops.

I am interested in becoming a distributor for FLEX-Display™ – is this possible?

Yes – depending upon location and your credentials. Write to ku.oc.yalpsiDxelfnull@rotubirtsid to make a formal enquiry.

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