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Really simple! The xpressions snap counter (so called because it magnetically “snaps” together – and because it is a counter of course) is perhaps the lightest most portable display counter on the market.

It comprises an xpressions 1 x 1 frame with wire cross braces to the rear. Added to this is an xpressions tension fabric graphic with 8 eyelet points. Four connect to the front nodes and four to the rear creating a graphic wrap for the display.

We then add a folding shelf to the top of the counter and you are off and running. The whole lot fits in a nice nylon carry case and weighs in around the 4kg mark.

So when you need to do in-store demos or set up anywhere in a hurry, this is great for you. A minute or so to assemble and just as quick to dismantle.

You can optionally add an extra shelf to the bottom of the display which provides somewhere to put your boxes of leaflets or whatever.

Key features:

 Fast and easy assembly

 Carry in one hand or over shoulder

 Lightweight champion in its class of products

 Easy to change graphics for the next campaign

Sizes available:

The snap counter is only available in 1 size 80cm (w) x 80cm (h).

Xpressions Snap Counter

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Xpressions Attaching Fabric Graphic

Xpressions Snap Counter Attaching Fabric

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