Xpressions Accessories

Xpressions Display Accessories

Xpressions Displays Accessories

Accessorise your xpressions display with shelves and lights or add additional features such as Stabilising feet.

Shelves are a great way to add small products to the display as shown above with a wine bottle. Available in both circular and rectangular shapes, they are slotted to sit over the framework scissors making them easy to insert.

Spotlights can be positioned to really highlight a particular part of the display or product and they are simple to connect to the pop-up framework.

Protect your system with a range of carry equipment including frame liner bags and padded carry cases.

Accessories available:

Stabilising feet
Spotlights with padded case
Circular shelves
Rectangular shelves
Frame liner bag
Padded carry case

Xpressions Stabilising Feet

Xpressions Stabilising Feet

Xpressions Circular Shelf

Xpressions Display Circular Shelf

Xpressions Lights

Xpressions Display Lights

Xpressions Shelves Round Or Rectangular

Xpressions Display Shelves

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