X-Shape Displays

Xpressions X-Shape Display Echo

Xpressions X-Shape Displays

The xpressions X-shaped pop-up displays can give you the X-factor! It comprises of 5 quads and it is a very unusual display and sure to get you noticed.

A quad is the square area formed by a set of ‘scissor like’ pop-up frame arms on each side of the square.

Graphics may be configured in many other ways than those pictured.

It has many advantages over a standard pop-up display system – take a look at the xpressions overview, if you haven’t already, to understand more.

Sizes available:

1 Size Only – 5 Quad Only

2.27m (h) x 2.27m (w)
Approx 5kg

Complete X-Frame In CaseXpressions X-Frame In Carry Case

X-Frame With Graphics Ready To Be Opened

Xpressions X-Frame Ready To Open

Assembled X-Frame Pop-Up Display

Xpressions Assembled X-Frame Pop-Up Display

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