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Xpressions Square Displays

The xpressions square pop-up displays range from a small square display (2 x 2 quads) through to giant square display (4 x 4 quads).

A quad is the square area formed by a set of ‘scissor like’ pop-up frame arms on each side of the square. Pop-up displays often use this nomenclature i.e. 3 x 3, 4 x 4 etc.

The xpressions 2 x 2 square pop-up display is an ideal travel companion and like all of the range, it is a truly portable display. Use this small square to the front of an exhibition stand to make yourselves known from the front with obscuring the rest of your exhibition stand.

Perhaps the most frequently used size of pop-up display, the 3 x 3 has stood the test of time. Traditional pop-up displays are often difficult to transport, carry and erect correctly. With the 3 x 3 xpressions pop-up, it couldn’t be easier – just open the frame and you’re done. No magnetically held of rolls of heavy fragile graphics or huge wheeled drums, just fabric tensioned by the framework and a soft carry case for one handed transport.

Graphics may be configured in many other ways than those pictured.

It has many advantages over a standard pop-up display system – take a look at the xpressions overview, if you haven’t already, to understand more.

Sizes available:

2 x 2 Quad
1.58m (h) x 1.59m (w)
Approx 3kgs

3 x 3 Quad
2.38m (h) x 2.38m (w)
Approx 5kgs

4 x 4 Quad
3.16m (h) x 3.16m (w)
Approx 8kgs

2 x 2 Quad Square Display

Xpressions 2 x 2 Quad Square Display

3 x 3 Quad Square Display

Xpressions 3 x 3 Quad Square Display

4 x 4 Quad Square Display

Xpressions 4 x 4 Quad Square Display

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