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Xpressions Pyramid Displays

Perhaps the most striking of the xpressions range is the pyramid display range. Normal pop-up display graphics do not allow for pop-up frames to be configured in this shape, but the special tension fabric graphic panels do not have the same limitation.

The pyramid display looks great and also has enormous impact. What may not come across in the images is the size of these displays. The giant pyramid shown above is nearly 4.5m wide x approx 2.8m high. Like all of the xpressions pop-ups, the graphic panels stay attached and so the job of assembly is literally just opening the frame up.

The pop-up display frame is fully magnetic and folds away small. Stabilising feet are available if required. The frames are so lightweight that some clients actually suspend the pyramids from a ceiling upside-down to stunning effect. They may also be used on their side.

Graphics may be configured in many other ways than those pictured.

It has many advantages over a standard pop-up display system – take a look at the xpressions overview, if you haven’t already, to understand more.

Sizes available:

3 Quad Medium Pyramid
1.70m (h) x 2.27m (w)

6 Quad Medium Pyramid
2.25m (h) x 3.35m (w)

10 Quad Giant Pyramid
2.82m (h) x 4.47m (w)


3 Quad Medium Xpressions Pyramid Display

Xpressions 3 Quad Pyramid Display

6 Quad Large Xpressions Pyramid Display

Xpressions 6 Quad Pyramid Display

10 Quad Giant Xpressions Pyramid Display

Xpressions 10 Quad Pyramid Display

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