Other Shapes

Xpressions Other Shape Displays

Xpressions Other Shapes Displays

The xpressions pop-up display range is very versatile and allows us to configure the framework in different ways in order to make unusual shapes.

The fabric graphic panels are not restricted in the same way that traditional pop-up display graphics are – which is why these types of shaped pop-ups have never been possible before the use of dye sublimation printed fabric graphics.

No matter what the shape, the pop-up display frame is fully magnetic and folds away small with graphics attached. Stabilising feet are available and are recommended for some shapes like the “Plus” stand.

Graphics may be configured in many other ways than those pictured.

It has many advantages over a standard pop-up display system – take a look at the xpressions overview, if you haven’t already, to understand more.

Sizes available:

8 Quad Argyle
2.25m (h) x 3.35m (w)
Approx 8kgs

5 Quad ‘Plus’ Display
2.38m (h) x 2.38m (w)
Approx 6kgs

Projector 20 Quad
3.16m (h) x 4.70m (w)
Approx 20kgs

8 Quad Argyle

Xpressions 8 Quad Argyle Display

5 Quad ‘Plus’ Display

Xpressions 5 Quad Shape Display

Projector – 20 Quad

Xpressions 20 Quad Projector Display

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