The Xpressions tension fabric pop-up system comprises a range of very unusual and extremely striking displays. They are very lightweight ~6kgs for the X system above (2.27m x 2.27m)

Using pop-up technology in combination with photographic quality stretch-fabric graphics, it provides instant impact.

It has many advantages over a standard pop-up display system and here are the main key features:

 Really rapid assembly – about 20 seconds!!
 It uses fabric graphics – extremely lightweight & durable
 The graphics stay on the system whether up or down
 Many different graphic configurations possible
 Easy to change graphics (change just one if you want)
 Variety of shapes available

The frames have nodes over which the eyeleted fabric graphics attach. The graphics are held in place by a simple rubber O-ring and so this makes it very easy to change the graphics.Here is a more detailed look at xpressions

Graphic panels can be made in to cover just 1 quad of the frame. These panels are known as 1 x 1 panels as they are 1 quad wide x 1 quad high. The X-shape example (above) has 5 quads and here it is displayed with 5 separate 1 x 1 fabric panels. Panels can also be made 1 x 2, 2 x 2, 1 x 3 etc and so it really is up to you how the system graphics are designed.

In addition to the different size panels and frame shapes, it is also possible to get a more 3D effect by connecting some graphics to the rear of the frame and some to the front.

Here is how we name the different graphic types:

Flat – where all connection points are on 1 side of the frame

Thread – 2 connection points are at the back and 2 at the front, parallel

Twist – 3 connection points are on 1 side with 1 on the other side

The following shapes are available:

Square2 x 2
3 x 3
4 x 4
Rectangular3 x 1
3 x 2
3 x 4
PyramidMedium – 3 quads
Large – 6 quads
Giant – 10 quads
X – shape5 quad
X + 16 quad
Argyle8 quad
Projector16 quad

Xpressions Shapes 1
Xpressions Shapes  2
Xpressions Shapes  3


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