A Portable Skyscraper
Extra tall portable banners

Features At A Glance

  • Flexible height options
  • Compact – Telescopic pole 135cm
  • Tall, impacting graphics

A Portable Skyscraper

With the use of telescopic poles, any of our banners can be made much taller if required. The graphic doesn’t necessarily also have to be made taller, you can just hoist a shorter banner up high if you like.

This is particularly useful when you have applications where the additional height would be an advantage but you also have times where height is restricted. For example, use a 2m tall graphic but increase the height of the display to 2.5m where you can and use it at 2m where height is restricted.

The telescopic poles are beautifully designed and engineered and feature a simple twist lock mechanism. Just position them anywhere between their min and max height.

Size Options

We have two telescopic poles:

V-250 – adjustable height from 135cm to 250cm (2 sectional)
V-374 – adjustable height from 135cm to 374cm (3 sectional)

The poles are made from aluminium tubes of various diameters. 19mm & 16mm for the V-250 and 19mm, 16mm & 13mm for the V-374.

Weight And Portability

These displays are very lightweight. Using a telescopic pole adds very little weight to a system versus using a standard fixed height pole.

The only effect on portability is that a longer carry case is required with Crossbase systems only – to accommodate the 135cm pole. For all twinbase and wide banner stands, the carry case size is unaffected.


As mentioned, the telescopic poles allow much greater height flexibility than standard fixed height poles. They are also interchangeable with standard poles and use the same clip sets as all components have been designed to work together. This means that you could of course upgrade an existing Crossbase banner system for example just by adding a telescopic pole.


The telescopic poles just require a simple twist to unlock, then extend to required height, then twist back to re-lock into position.

Telescopic Banner Poles

Tall, Thin Crossbase Banner Stand

Crossbase Tall Banner Display

Tall Twinbase Banner Stand

Twinbase Tall Banner Stand Display

Fabric Banner Stands

Banner Backdrop 2

Flex Display is a straight-forward, elegant and versatile indoor display system featuring high quality components and high resolution printed fabric graphics. No tools are required to set up a compete banner, which takes a matter of seconds due to the unique design.

  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Highly Adaptable & Customizable
  • Stunning Printed Fabric Graphics
  • High Quality
User friendly, simple push together components, smart appearance, fast installation of graphics, durable polyester, crease resistantFlex Printed Fabric Graphics
Our graphics are printed to a high quality ensuring faithful colour reproduction and sharp images. The fabric is crease and fade resistant, can be machine washed and ironed. All our standard systems come with a suggested graphic size but can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Cross base: Classic base with 3 piece pole and snap-lock bars. Graphics typically 40-80cm x 200cm. Also available with a telescopic pole for taller and adjustable graphic height.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Extremely modular
  • Easy to carry & assemble
  • Can be used to build larger displays


Twin base: with telescopic poles and snap-lock bars. Graphic Size 90-120cm x 135-245cm

  • Same great benefits as the Cross Base, but…
  • Larger graphic width
  • Can be used to make a backdrop




Twin Base XL: and double sided option. Graphic Size 100 -150cm x 135-245cm

2 banners, 1 pole ! Click here to see more about double-sided display stands




Fabric Backdrops: An impressive graphics area which easy to use – Printed on one piece fabric for a seemles design. Graphic Size: Any custom size

  • Huge display
  • Remains portable
  • Can be made using hardware from smaller banners


Combination: Similarly with Fabric Backdrops, combination displays can be used in straight, curved or angled configurations. Graphic Size: Any custom size